Strategic Consultant

Mandy has worked in the professional services, finance and technology industries for over 20 years and has in-depth knowledge of strategy, operations, finance, risk and compliance. She also has experience working at the heart of central government and expertise with both machinery of government and appropriations.

Mandy understands and can manage complex operational, regulatory and governance issues. She communicates solutions clearly for a wide range of audiences.

industry change and disruption

Mandy works with organisations who see change as an opportunity. Is technological disruption on its way for your industry? Or a new competitive threat appearing? It can be hard to lift your head clear of the day-to-day and spend the time you need to consider these issues. Mandy brings clear thinking and process to complex problems, helping you discover and sort through your strategic options.

Fintech Strategy

Mandy has worked across the financial services spectrum, with industry giants, with advisory firms, with regulators, with accelerator programs, and with fintech startups. She understands the key technologies and how they are being implemented internationally. She is ideally placed to assist with your fintech strategy, and provide advice on how you can make the most of industry wide change.