Technological change is occurring at an astonishing rate. What we achieve with it is entirely up to us. This is a moment in time where we can make a better world.

Presentation - IMPAct of fast moving technologies

A 30-60 minute presentation highlighting the rapid pace of technology change, its impact on business (tailored to the audience), and how to respond. This presentation takes a high level look at a wide range of technologies, including robotics, energy, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual realities, synthetic biology, genetics and others. Its aim is to inspire the audience to step up and take closer look at the changes coming, and be ready to take an active part in shaping the future.

Presentation - Introduction to Blockchain

A 30-45 minute presentation introducing cryptocurrencies as well as the underlying technology, blockchain. This presentation takes a look at the wide variety of uses for blockchain technology, including some of the key financial services developments, how blockchain technology can improve financial inclusion and the importance of digital identity.

Presentation - BLOCKCHAIN Myths and realities

A 30 - 45 minute presentation on the myths and realities of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

“Bitcoin uses the same electricity as Ireland” makes a great headline - but what does it really mean? Is it true? What can we do about it?

This presentation considers some of more common blockchain news headlines, and dives into the often messy real world, to provide the facts, nuance and context to enable attendees to make better judgments on what is really going on with this new technology. 

Workshop - Fundamentals of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

A full day workshop covering:

  • an introduction to cryptocurrencies;

  • blockchain technology and its uses for business;

  • digital identity;

  • what is an ICO (initial coin offering); and

  • regulation and ethics.

This workshop provides your team with a clear and easy to follow base knowledge, dispels some of the myths and hype, and enables the conversations to begin around the impact of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology for your organisation. 



ANZ Management Team Away Day - "What you had to say was great for the audience, insightful and impacting which is what we need to keep us on our transformational journey"

Xero NZ Roadshow - "Great presentation, interesting material and authoritative delivery"

SingularityU New Zealand Summit - "The best lay explanation of blockchain technology"

Ministry of Health Leaders Forum - "Your expertise and all round knowledge of exponentials is inspiring and your ability to engage and enthuse others was just fantastic. The buzz at work continues and people are looking for the next learning opportunity."

BreastScreen Australia Conference - "Absolutely wonderful, terrifying, mind expanding! So much to think about."

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